Pipe-drawing machine

The pipe-drawing machine is used to produce a conventionally reinforced hollow core slab in a circuit. The machine consists of two base frames that are arranged at the two facing sides of the pallets to be concreted. The drawing pipes that are each equipped with out-of-balance weights are built into these. Once the first layer of concrete has been applied in the pallet, the drawing pipes are pulled into the pallets with the drawing carriage. Each of the individual drawing pipes can be uncoupled from the drawing carriage and thus not pushed into the pallets. This is necessary because it is vital to also produce fitting plates that then lay down a lengthways casing remover in the area of the pipes.

The drawing pipes are usually fitted with out-of-balance weights that compact the concrete around the void, creating additional space to draw out the pipes. The pipes are automatically cleaned and oiled as they are drawn out. As an alternative to this, the pipes can also be laid automatically on the casing pallets by a manipulator. The pipes are then withdrawn by a pipe-drawing machine as described.

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