Automatic crane systems

Automatic crane systems are the number one choice when you need to transport heavy goods quickly and safely over large distances, for example in wide-area warehouses. Short runs and high speeds are the most important advantages here. With high-performance drive technology, travelling speeds of up to 360 m/min and lifting speeds of up to 90 m/min are achieved.

Even the transport of aluminium ingots at temperatures of 580°C is possible. The automatic cranes from Vollert are reliable, highly precise and equipped with modern positioning and collision control systems. These are just a few of the reasons why we are the leading partner when it comes to automatic crane systems for heavy loads.

We are your experts for:

•  Load capacities of up to 50 t and more

•  Speeds of up to 360 m/min, acceleration of up to 2 m/s2 and spans of up to 50 m

•  Fully automatic multi-axle crane systems, tailored to clients' specific problems

•  Control system, visualisation system, warehouse Management/host system and linkage to existing computer or ERP systems, etc.

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June 2010

Automatic crane

Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes commissioned Vollert Anlagenbau to carry out the planning and supply of an automatic crane for the transport of cassettes that are filled with steel tubes.

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Automatic crane system for long items

Viegain Großheringen, a manufacturer of valves and fittings, planned an extension of its production capacity but did not want to increase the existing hall area. They increased the number of casting machines from six to twelve to achieve this. The transport of loose rod material made of gunmetal (length approx. 4 m, maximum weight of 2 t, maximum rod temperature of 300°C), which had formerly been done exclusively by hand, was to be automated. The manual hall crane that had been used up to then could not carry out such a task.

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