Intralogistics systems for aluminium coils

For the cost-effective production of high-quality aluminium products such as foils, strips or sheets, the optimum integration of the various production processes in rolling plants is crucial. This requires fully automated intralogistics solutions to ensure resource-saving and efficient workflows. From automatic crane systems for the raw aluminium ingots and the logistical linkage of hot and cold rolling mills, through to intelligently designed transport and storage systems for aluminium coils weighing up to 35 tons and at temperatures of several hundred degrees, which are particularly susceptible to damage from the outside.

That we meet these requirements perfectly has already been successfully proved by Vollert in an impressive number of international projects.

We are your experts for:

•  Complete warehousing systems with stacker cranes, automatic crane Systems up to 50 t load capacity

•  Charging machinery and manipulators for furnace and rolling mill feeding

•  Materials handling technology for conveying, rotating, lifting and turning aluminium coils

•  Complete system solutions with rack system, AGV, control unit, warehouse Management/host system and linkage to ERP Systems

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Pictures in use


November 2011

Fully automatic coil transport in Hydro aluminium mill

Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH has commissioned Vollert Anlagenbau to modernise its existing plant in Grevenbroich by designing an end-to-end intralogistics system that automatically loads and unloads lorries, stores up to 4,000 tons of aluminium coil, and uses trolleys with inductive power transfer.

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July 2008:

Secure against earthquakes: New high-bay warehouse from Xiashun handles 800 aluminium coils

Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH from Weinsberg is developing a complete intralogistics system with a fully automatic high-bay warehouse for Asia’s leading aluminium foil manufacturer. This order from China, with a total volume of around €13 million, is no easy task: the warehouse, with a capacity of around 14,000 tons, is in one of the most earthquake-prone areas of the world and must be able to withstand shocks of strengths 5 to 6 on the Richter scale. The new production facilities mean that Xiashun is in a position to supply litho material of the best quality.

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Not just perfect delivery – Vollert Anlagenbau, the intralogistics specialist
from Weinsberg, also stands for the start of production on schedule

In the aluminium rolling mill of Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH in Grevenbroich, 14 tons of heavy aluminium coils are held temporarily in a high-bay warehouse to cool down and for subsequent additional processing. The heart of the entire intralogistics system is an automatic storage and retrieval machine that is 26 metres high and connects 32 annealing furnaces with the rolling mill.

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The heaviest coil manipulators for the production of aluminium strip

The rising demand for aluminium strips impelled ALCOA-KÖFÉM KFT. to set up a new strip rolling line in the KÖFÉM plant in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. ACHENBACH BUSCHHÜTTEN GMBH, the specialist for rolling mills, was given an order from ALCOA in 2005 for the supply of a line to produce aluminium strips of up to 1,700 mm in width with a thickness of 0.04 mm.

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