Lifting crossbeams and transport cradles

Lifting crossbeams are used to lift precast concrete parts, primarily walls, from the tilting table. The lifting crossbeam consists of a track holder that is connected to the hall crane by two drive plants and can be moved. In turn, on the lifting crossbeam there are multiple electric winches, each of which also has a drive plant. Simpler forms of construction are also possible. It is operated manually by radio-operated remote control. A single electric rope hoist can be moved and raised, or the other electric rope hoists can be switched on as required, which are then controlled all together by radio-operated remote control.

This variability makes it possible to lift precast concrete parts of various dimensions and with various suspension points from the tilting table and to put them down in transport cradles or on A-stands for further transport. Additional auxiliary cradles are also used in many factories.

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