Double wall

A double wall (also called component wall) is made of two concrete slabs with a thickness of 5–7 cm each that are held together with truss-type reinforcement. In these concrete panels, the structural reinforcement for the entire concrete wall is built into the precast concrete component.

After the installation of the double walls, the remaining void is filled with mix-in-situ concrete; therefore, this double wall is a semi-precast part. This produces a monolithic, dense and extremely solid concrete wall. The double walls thus combine the major advantages of prefabrication with the advantages of a wall that has been produced on site with concrete poured into casing. Double walls are used for the walls in basements and each storey.

Often, double walls are produced with core insulation (with insulation inside them) so as to be able to guarantee compliance with regulations concerning thermal insulation. For structural calculations, a double wall is treated on the basis of its full thickness in exactly the same way as a wall that has been produced by concrete poured into casing.

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Pictures in use


July 2014

New Caledonia, the dream island, relies on precast concrete construction

New Caledonia, the French archipelago in the South Pacific, 2,000 km away from the Australian coast is among the world's most popular vacation destinations with temperatures between 20 and 30°C and gorgeous beaches and diving resorts. In pursuing the construction of new buildings for residential areas, public administration and touristic projects , state-of-the art precast production techniques are used. Architecturally attractive single-family homes, multi-storey residential buildings will be produced as well as hospitals, schools, entire hotel complexes and industrial halls. The precast plant of the LBDP Group in New Caledonia completed in April 2014 will produce floor slabs and double/sandwich walls as well as columns and beams in future.

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October 2011

The new CDLP precast plant in France impresses by its intelligent work processes

In order to be able to produce precast floor slabs and double walls economically and to be able to react flexibly to fluctuating demands, CDLP focused from the outset on a sustainable plant concept with flexible work processes that had been thought out to the end. The plant, which was completed at the end of June 2011, is therefore tailored precisely to the environmental conditions and  to the precast concrete elements to be produced.

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March 2011

Hitting the „Wall“ on the Head for Success

It took SPL in France no more than a few weeks to begin manufacturing precast concrete floor slabs and double walls on the new production plant. Vollert has left with SPL the most competent and experienced impression for the overall planning in its capacity as machine builder and general contractor and supplier of know-how. The market entry into the new activity field started from the very beginning without any difficulty, hence.

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September 2010

Precast factory explore manufacturing, Laing O’Rourke

Laing O’Rourke is the largest privately owned construction solutions provider in the UK. In  March 2010 the company opened „Explore Industrial Park“, a state-of-the-art new precast factoriy in the East Midlands, built to strengthen the company’s offsite manufacturing capabilities and to support its construction projects across the UK.

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February 2010

Flagship Factory for the Precast Industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Being the official production start date of Alabniah Precast Concrete Buildings Factory the 1st of January 2010 is a date not only starting a new decade but also a date where the Saudi Arabian precast concrete industry sees the most advanced and largest factory of its kind in the Kingdom starting off. The factory located in the Second Industrial Area of Dammam is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia offering the combined advantages of state of the art modern production technology, high capacity and wide product range to deliver complete building
systems and precast components into the market.

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February 2010

Solid and double walls from one source

In February 2010, the first double wall production line was put into operation at company Trabis located in Yecla in the region of Murcia in the south-east of Spain. The solid wall production line installed three years ago by Vollert and their partners was expanded in such a manner that it is now possible to manufacture also double walls in a cost-effective and efficient way besides the solid walls being manufactured so far.

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