Sandwich wall

Sandwich walls are a special product from the precast concrete component family of facade elements. They are characterised by an insulation layer between both sides of the concrete. On one side, there is the load-bearing sub-structure of the sandwich wall with the required structural reinforcing, and on the other side, there is the concrete shell that provides the appearance of the sandwich wall and hence also of the building. This visible shell is frequently made of coloured concrete or has various kinds of surface structures.

Production methods

Pallet circuit
Tilting table
Battery mould
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August 2014

Technical expertise and plant technology for Kazakhstan's construction industry

As an emerging nation with an average economic growth of 10%, Kazakhstan stands out from the rest of Central Asia. This is also reflected in the boom in the country's construction sector. In metropolitan areas, the demand for real estate has risen consistently over the past 10 years, and this increase is still ongoing. Kazakhstan's government is focusing its efforts on funding intensive investment programs to support this trend. The use of a state-of-the-art standard construction system is part of the construction method based on precast concrete elements. In Kazakhstan, Vollert has developed unprecedented plant concepts for the production of solid and sandwich elements for turnkey buildings, such as residential and commercial buildings, industrial parks, shopping malls, hotels and schools. The showcases in Uralsk and Karaganda use Vollert's latest machine technology.

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