UVV (accident prevention) tests

The relevant legislation stipulates annual inspections for many plants, which we as a manufacturing company have to carry out. This applies not only to Vollert plants but also to general slinging gear, for example.

We recommend in all cases that you have us carry out these tests to avoid any risk of liability.

In doing so, we determine whether the plant is in a safe state for work at the time of the test. Primarily, a visual and functional check is carried out, covering the following items:

  • Testing in compliance with DIN EN 528 (automatic storage and retrieval machines)
  • Testing in compliance with VDE 0113 (controllers)
  • Testing in compliance with BGV D8 (train and wagon units, winches, hoists, lifting and pulling equipment)
  • Testing in compliance with BOA (shunting robots, shunting plants)
  • Documentation of the results of the testing. Any defects that are found are noted in the test report.
  • Evaluation of whether there are any reservations about further operation of the plant.
  • Application of a test sticker with a note for the next test so that no tests are forgotten.

Your contact
for UVV tests

Frank Zurek
Tel. +49 (0)7134 52 345
Fax +49 (0)7134 52 204