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3D printing technology inspiring Weinsberg students

3D printers have become indispensable in industry, model making and research. They allow for creating models, samples, proto-types, tools and end products layer by layer in the shortest possi-ble time. The students of the Justinus-Kerner Gymnasium in Weinsberg recently started performing three-dimensional experi-ments while gathering important skills in the new technology.

For a country like Germany, a world leader in machine and plant engineering, it is vital for children and the youth to continue to succeed in the future. Students at the Justinus-Kerner Gymnasium in Weinsberg have been gaining experience with the three-dimensional production of components since December 2018. The traditional Weinsberg company Vollert took over the sponsorship of the new 3D printer valued at €3,000 and in doing so once again dispensed with Christmas gifts for customers and partners. In previous years, the Vollert had donated TeCBox module boxes and new tools for technical and scientific teaching to schools in Weinsberg.

Getting students excited about technology and science

"We are already using the new technology to prepare students for the future demands of their studies and careers," says headmaster Jürgen Kovács proudly. In addition, students are inspired by topics such as mathematics and computer science. The components are modeled using 3D software and then printed layer by layer on a plastic base using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM). "The students see the result immediately. We have already produced a shopping trolley chip and model a hoist for a crane. The students are motivated and bring many ideas with them," says teacher Katharina Bruckner.

Hans-Jörg Vollert, managing partner of Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH, himself a former student at the Justinus-Kerner Gymnasium, personally visited the school when handing over the donation. "With this donation we want to promote the interest of students and above all of schoolgirls in science and technology. I would be very pleased if more young women, in particular, would take up technical occupations or technical courses of study."

School principal Jürgen Kovács described Hans-Jörg Vollert's commitment as outstanding and exemplary for all entrepreneurs in Germany. Dr. Regine Ehmann, chair of the JKG parent-teacher-association, also expressed her gratitude on behalf of the parents for the sustainable commitment of this traditional company.