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Hans-Jörg Vollert attends the 5th European Busi-ness Parliament (EPdU) in Brussels

EPdU 2018

For one day, 500 entrepreneurs slipped into the role of European parliamentarians at the 5th European Business Parliament in Brussels. Hans-Jörg Vollert of the plant manufacturer Vollert from Weinsberg was present as representative of Germany.

An impressive sign for a strong European economy is set by around 500 entrepreneurs from all over Europe in Brussels. At the 5th European Parliament of Entrepreneurs (EPdU) on Wednesday, 10th of October, they changed for one day into the role of their national deputies. "The economy must play an active role when it comes to the future of Europe, especially in these times. The preservation and expansion of the internal market is of paramount importance for the German economy," emphasized Eric Schweitzer, President of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK).

Entrepreneurs stand up for Europe

The European Business Parliament is organized by the European umbrella organization Eurochambres. The entrepreneurs can address their questions directly to the EU representatives in the parliament's hemicycle on the shortage of skilled workers, trade policy and growing protectionism, Brexit and the future of Europe. Hans-Jörg Vollert, managing partner of the plant manufacturer Vollert from Weinsberg in southern Germany, was present on this day. "Every one of us is Europe and especially in fragile times like today it is more necessary than ever to stand up for free trade and a strong common European position in the world."

From Germany, 96 entrepreneurs from various industries and the entire federal territory were present in Brussels - corresponding to the number of German members of parliament in the European Parliament. The German delegation consisted of DIHK, ZDH and the "Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland".

During the meeting, the participants also had the opportunity to exchange views with EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger. In addition, the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Rainer Wieland, as well as the MEPs Daniel Caspary and Reinhard Bütikofer expressed themselves in discussion rounds.

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