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Vollert receives award as volunteer-friendly employer for civil protection

Ehrenamtsfreundlicher Arbeitgeber 2018

The Minister of the Interior of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Thomas Strobl, has honored plant manufacturer Vollert as a particularly volunteer-friendly employer for civil protection. As a company with a long tradition, Vollert also undertakes responsibility for the region.

"Baden-Wuerttemberg is the land of volunteering per se. Approximately 300,000 volunteers alone with the fire departments, medical services and civil protection make it absolutely clear: without volunteering, there can be no state," said Thomas Strobl, Minister of the Interior, Digitization and Migration of Baden-Wuerttemberg on 5 September 2018 in Stuttgart.

Vollert undertakes responsibility for the region

On that day the Interior Ministry honored 41 employers who permit their employees to carry out volunteer work during work hours. In the case of an emergency, employees can thus immediately go into action. Without the support of those employers, it would be impossible to manage devastating natural disasters, fires, traffic accidents and other major emergencies.

Dr. Markus Deimel, Managing Director of Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH in Weinsberg, accepted the special award certificate in Stuttgart in person. "We are very happy that our commitment has been recognized. However, at the same time, we are proud of our employees who voluntarily engage for example in the volunteer fire brigade or in the various associations in Weinsberg and the region."

"Heart and homeland, these indigenous roots also symbolize that our companies are taking responsibility for our common good. They help to sustainably secure the structures of civil protection and make them viable for the future," added the Minister of the Interior Thomas Strobl.

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