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August 2019


Hollow-core slabs are up to 40% lighter than solid slabs and require less concrete to manufacture. For these reasons, they are widely used worldwide. However, the width of the slabs is strictly limited by the manufacturing process. Reinforcement meshes and connecting reinforcements can only be used to a limited extent, which often makes hollow core slabs unsuitable for construction systems in earthquake regions. Now, an innovation from Vollert has changed all that.

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October 2018


James Hardie, a pioneer in fiber cement, is breaking the mold in the US with a new fully automated production line for facade siding. The integrated concept of heavy-duty xpert Vollert includes in-plant transport, an air-conditioned, 100 m long high-bay warehouse, transfer tables, manipulators and automatically clocked autoclave trains.

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December 2017

Compact with a smart steering

With the newly developed VLEX road-rail robot, Vollert offers the finest solution for easy shunting operations of up to 300 tons: Extremely compact and flexible, battery-driven and exhaust-free, the small VLEX is suitable to change tracks fast in a very confined space.

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March 2017

A breath of fresh air for anode production

TRIMET Aluminium SE uses a new and so far unique in the world technique for the cooling of green anodes in its Hamburg factory: The pilot plant reduces the resource usage and dispenses with active cooling by water. Instead TRIMET relies on cooling by natural convection with outside air - and this with success.

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Edition India 3 | November 2016

Highly-lively homes for todays indian families

Bangalore's Sobha Ltd. is among the fastest-growing backward integrated property developers in India with more than 360 construction projects completed. In 2015 Sobha set the next milestone in the company's history with the installation of the largest onsite precast plant in India in Bangalore with German technology by Vollert. The residential construction project Sobha Dream Acres is now the first construction project implemented fully based on prefabricated elements.

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April 2016

Thai SCG Group invests in state-of-the-art precast concrete production

Thailand has been experiencing a dynamic economic boom since the 70s. Even with the current political instability the demand for real estate continues unabated. The national construction industry in Thailand is aware of this and continues to invest in the latest technology for the production of precast concrete, such as the SCG Group.

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Edition India 2 | November 2015

India Invests in Precast Concrete Technology

With over 360 successful building projects, Sobha Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, is currently one of India's leading construction companies. Founded in 1995, Sobha Limited, a Rs. 25 billion company, is one of the fastest growing and the only backward integrated real estate player in India. Now the next Milestone towards precast construction has been set.

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October 2015

The First Emission-Free Container Terminals in the World

Two new battery exchange stations form the key components for the world's first soot, CO2 and nitric oxidefree-container terminal being erected in Rotterdam. The terminal operators are completely switching to environmentally friendly battery-operated container transporters. To accommodate the 24-hour schedule, the 12-tonbatteries are changed up to three times daily as operating conditions demand.

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February 2015

Hot Plates by the Ton

AMAG Austria Metall AG has invested in a new hot-rolling plant for manufacturing aluminum plates and coils at its headquarter location in Austria. This project is especially noteworthy because it represents one of the largest investments the aluminum industry in Europe has made in recent years. The company therefore commissioned Vollert as the main contractor to provide a turn-key, fully automated high-bay warehouse that can store up to 1,500 tons of hot plate product. An automatic restacking unit was also ordered to size up and handle plates of lenghts ranging from 4 to 12.5 meters.

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Edition India 1 | December 2014

German Technology - 100% Produced in India

For stationary production of plane floor slabs, leading construction specialists rely on Nuspl's modern, 100% Indian-manufactured formwork Technology.

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June 2014

Precast Concrete Parts Made in Paradise

New Caledonia leverages state-of-the-art precast production techniques to build striking single-family homes, housing complexes, hotels, and public facilities. Due to the geographical isolation of the archipelago in the South Pacific, the systems and machinery employed must be highly reliable and flexible to ensure streamlined production off of the mainland.

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November 2013

25 Tons on a Single Arm

Aleris International, Inc. plans to boost production capacity in Duffel, Belgium
with a new Sexto mill. To ensure smooth operation, Vollert will provide a fully-automated intralogistics system with high-bay warehouse.

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