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When it comes to intelligent material flow, storage and packaging concepts for heavy loads and large parts, numerous market leaders across the world rate our plant and machine technology to be way beyond the standard. 

We offer turnkey intralogistics systems for optimally integrated production processes. Whether it's for mega-high-bay warehouse systems for aluminium coils, intelligent material handling systems for the leading aluminium extrusion manufacturers, the most highly productive storage-retrieval systems in the world for sheet metal blanks, automatic crane systems for 50 tons and more or the most modern surface treatment plants - Vollert has more to offer all-round than you would expect. We do not simply move heavy loads; above all we seek to provide high plant productivity and efficient processes.

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Aluminium profiles for e-mobility in highest quality

Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI) is investing in a high-end production line at its Austrian site in Ranshofen. The aim is to produce aluminium profiles of the highest quality for the future topic of e-mobility. With an automatic crane and a fully automated buffer store, the SPS Group and Vollert ensure damage-free material flow between the...

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Please Blast, Dip, Powder a 100 times

Truck trailers are useful, but also big and heavy. This does not make their transport in the paint shop easy. Giga Coating GmbH recently built a completely new surface treatment plant in Twist. Here, up to 15.7 m long and 9 t heavy large parts are not only coated, but also blasted, dipped, swiveled and heat treated in hanging furnaces. The...

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What a Facade!

James Hardie, a pioneer in fiber cement, is breaking the mold in the US with a new fully automated production line for facade siding. The integrated concept of heavy-duty expert Vollert includes in-plant transport, an air-conditioned, 100 m long high-bay warehouse, transfer tables, manipulators and automatically clocked autoclave trains. Tons of...

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Weld, paint and fit wagons and trailers in one line

The Brazilian manufacturer Randon has built a 500m long combined welding, painting and assembly line for trailers and railway wagons in the state of São Paolo. Vollert has developed a heavy-duty material flow concept consisting of 13 combined rope conveyor drives, two moving distribution transfer platforms and the control system for the...

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High speed production buffer for 3,000 tons of steel wire coils

Vollert erected for Saarstahl AG a new fully automatic high-bay warehouse for up to 665 steel wire coils at the Neunkirchen plant. In addition to the high cycle time of just 190 seconds per double cycle, the heavy-duty engineers also realized the handling of bundles weighing up to 4.5 tons directly from the stacker crane to the lift truck and on to...

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Fast cranes for heavy loads

Neuman Aluminum modernized their material flows in the extrusion plant in Marktl, Austria, during the Christmas holidays. At the core is a new automatic crane system by Vollert with 21 interchangeable cycles for loads of up to 3 tons. It replaces two existing transport cranes and is one of the fastest automatic cranes ever used in the extrusion...

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Large-part painting systems designed around the corner

For LEWA as a special pump manufacturer and HAMM as a manufacturer of rollers for road construction and earthworks, Vollert developed and installed new floor-guided and overhead material flow systems for surface coating of parts weighing up to 12 tons. While high cycle times are crucial at HAMM, at LEWA for the first-time workpieces weighing tons...

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A breath of fresh air for anode production

TRIMET Aluminium SE uses a new and so far unique in the world technique for the cooling of green anodes in its Hamburg factory: The pilot plant reduces the resource usage and dispenses with active cooling by water. Instead TRIMET relies on cooling by natural convection with outside air – and this with success.

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Hot Furnaces, Cool Mechanical Handling

For its new factory, Benninghoven, specialists in the construction of asphalt mixing plants up to 50 m in height and a member of the Wirtgen Group, is investing in a new double-track suspension system from Vollert for the overhead surface treatment of large parts. The special drive concept allows the overhead and flexible transport of up to 22...

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Innovative Technologies for Anode and Aluminium Sheet Production

At ALUMINIUM 2016 (hall 13, stand 13I05), Vollert is presenting innovative material handling and storage systems for smelting works, rolling and extrusion plants. The first system developed with TRIMET Aluminium SE in Hamburg for cooling green anodes using natural ventilation is unique in the world. At Hydro Rolled Products GmbH in...

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Caution! Heavy load!

Low-loader manufacturer Faymonville dispatches components weighing up to 12 tons through its overhead painting plant in Luxembourg. The material flow concept also comes from a heavy load expert – from Vollert based in Weinsberg. The control system supports automatic operation as well as the manual transportation of parts. Friction wheels facilitate...

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Special crane systems for slabs and coils etc.

From the 8th to the 10th of March, the intralogistics specialist Vollert will be presenting impressive material flow and storage systems for heavy and very heavy loads, at the LogiMAT 2016 in Stuttgart (Hall 5, Booth 5A40). In doing so, the focus will be on special crane systems, for the metal and aluminium industry for example. Whether hot,...

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Precise heavy-load crane systems for ingots and coils, etc.

Whether hot, sensitive, uneven or weighing several tonnes - the automatic cranes in the new mega-rolling plants of the Zhongwang Group in Tianjin now move slabs and coils securely and around four times as fast as conventional systems. The technology, control and stores management for this has all come from the intralogistics experts Vollert in the...

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High-bay and automated intralogistics system speeds up production for Aleris

Aleris International, Inc. plans to boost production capacity in Duffel, Belgium with a new Sexto mill. To ensure smooth operation, Vollert Anlagenbau from Weinsberg will provide a fully-automated intralogistics system with high-bay warehouse. Up to 32 coils with a maximum unit weight of 25 tons are moved in and out of the warehouse each hour.

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Next stop: Paint center

In the new Siemens AG Austria coating center, metros and passenger carriages are automatically transported via a central transport system to the individual coating treatment booths. The transfer table allows for flexible arrangement of individual processing stations and offers the highest level of safety for crossing passenger traffic.

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Up and away – Continental exchanges 75 meters of test track in a matter of minutes

Anything but small, the exchangeable pavement cassettes used in the world's first fully climatized indoor tire testing facility from Continental weigh more than 100 tons and measure 75 meters in length. The facility allows the tire manufacturer to conduct 100,000 dry and wet brake tests per year using up to five different sections of test pavement....

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Fully automatic coil transport in Hydro aluminium mill

Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH has commissioned Vollert Anlagenbau to modernise its existing plant in Grevenbroich by designing an end-to-end intralogistics system that automatically loads and unloads lorries, stores up to 4,000 tons of aluminium coil, and uses trolleys with inductive power transfer.

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E-Mobility for Container Logistics

Battery-powered, emissions-free transporters that operate without a driver are being used for the first time at HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA). To quickly and frequently exchange the batteries in the onboard battery boxes, which can weigh up to 12 tons, Vollert Anlagenbau developed a fully automated handling station in close...

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Automatic long items and small parts storage for aluminum profile systems

heroal's new high-bay warehouse has the capacity for 10,000 long items and 7,000 euro pallets. A centrally controlled intralogistics system from Vollert ensures a smooth material flow between infeed and outfeed.

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Vollert manufactures transfer cars for coating 13,000 carriages annually

The Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant (TVSZ) is currently building a state-of-the-art plant for assembling open- and closed-top freight carriages in the Russian town of Tikhvin. To this end, Vollert Anlagenbau from Weinsberg was commissioned to manufacture four transfer cars with payloads of between 70 and 100 tons. A heated enclosure installed on...

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Vollert Anlagenbau develops a 260-ton automatic crane for Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes

A 260-ton automatic crane is the latest highlight in Vollert's intralogistics programme for heavy-duty applications. Capable of travelling up to 2.7 m/s and featuring a 44-m span width, the crane has a 35-ton payload and will be used to transport heavy objects on site at the customer's steel tube plant in Düsseldorf-Rath. The world's market leader...

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Friction wheels transport large gearboxes for painting

The SEW-EURODRIVE drive automation system by Bruchsal relies on a simple, flexible material flow system by Vollert Anlagenbau for coating large gearbox units weighing up to 3.5 tons. It combines the advantages of Power&Free systems and requires significantly fewer system components. Nevertheless, comparably high cycle times are possible.

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Yellow giants painted overhead

Liebherr breaks new ground with a new large-scale paint shop for hydraulic excavators: The components, weighing up to twenty tons, are conveyed through the system on a guided track while freely suspended. A special drive solution ensures optimal protection against explosion in the painting and drying booths.

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Moving and Painting Large Items Efficiently

F. X. Meiller Fahrzeug- & Maschinenfabrik commissioned its new facilities for coating large items in early July. Two 70 m-long painting tunnels installed in parallel offer space for 14 stations and can each take up to 12 items weighing 8 tons apiece. Two chain conveyor systems from Vollert provide the required pulling force.

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Oven for construction machinery

At Wirtgen GmbH in Windhagen, world market leaders in the field of cold milling for road construction, components weighing up to 30 tons are freely suspended. The steel construction of the 230 °C furnaces is completely separated from the transport steel construction to protect against energy losses. This is made possible by special drive...

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Facility for loading 10,000 beverage crates per hour

South Korean bottler Login Beverage commissioned Vollert Anlagenbau to deliver a semi-automatic loading station for trucks. The special-purpose loader can move up to 180 pallets carrying 10,000 beverage crates per hour and does the work of three forklift trucks. Twenty different types of truck are serviced.

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Custom manipulator with three synchronous hoisters lifts aluminium profiles up to 18 metres in length

Schletter GmbH, the largest supplier of solar mounting systems in Europe, has commissioned Vollert Anlagenbau to design a custom manipulator with three hoisters that can work together or separately to lift profiles weighing up to 9 tons with a maximum length of 18 metres. The manipulator will be used in a new buffer warehouse and is extremely...

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50 tons of explosion-protected parts painted while suspended

With a new painting plant, Liebherr is setting the standard in commercial vehicle construction. At the plant in Ehingen, parts from mobile and crawler cranes weighing up to 50 tons will be painted while suspended in mid-air. Vollert Anlagenbau from Weinsberg is developing the intralogistics for this. Wirtgen and SEW-EURODRIVE are just two of the...

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SSAB stores up to 6000 tons of steel in a high-bay warehouse

The steel manufacturer SSAB in Oxelösund produces steel plates in one minute tact cycle. The information which plate comes next for what customer is only available three minutes prior to the production exit, thus the intralogistics system must react with appropriate speed. The solution supplied by the Vollert plant engineering company from...

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Earthquake-resistant: New high-bay warehouse from Xiashun holds 800 aluminium coils

Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH from Weinsberg, Germany, is developing an entire intralogistic system with a fully automated high-bay warehouse for Asia’s leading aluminium foil manufacturer. The contract from China, with a total volume of approximately thirteen million Euro, is no easy task: The warehouse, which has a capacity of around 14,000 tons, is...

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Caution, People Hard At Work!

When others are running out of steam, the engineers at Vollert Anlagenbau are just getting into their stride, specialising in intralogistics systems for heavy goods – especially for the metalworking industry. For the aluminium extrusion works of apt Hiller for example, Vollert developed a fully automated intralogistics system which facilitates an...

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