Special crane systems
for heavy loads

Special crane systems

With special crane systems up to 200 tons Vollert provides individually adapted solutions for customers right around the world. For transporting and storing heavy loads and large-scale components, we have been incorporating a 3rd dimension for over 50 years and we relocate logistics procedures upwards.

Today, modern crane and lifting technology currently integrates in-house material flows with high transport speeds and highly precise thanks to positioning and collision control systems. The most difficult environmental conditions, e.g. in paint shops, ex-protection work areas or aluminium production constitute no problem for our plant technology. We can even transport hot steel parts at temperatures of 1300 °C or ultra-large construction vehicles.

We have no limits in terms of the sector involved – whether paper, wood, steel or aluminium or the construction materials industry. Wherever heavy materials or large components need to be transported, we find the right equipment technology to deliver the solutions to your logistics tasks.

Individual adaptation is our core competence

We provide crane and lifting technology that delivers absolute precision when transporting heavy workpieces and large components in flat storage and highbay storage or buffering areas at high speeds from A to B. Our crane systems efficiently integrate and network all material flows and technical production operations up to packaging and loading processes.

Every crane system is different concerning the materials to be transported, the plant or production environment and also in terms of the required performancevels. The solutions that we develop are 100% custom-made for you. That is our core competence. Our special crane systems also operate very economically and with great energy efficiency. Their service life is convincing:

  • Payloads from 1 – 200 tons and more
  • Overhead, gantry and semi-gantry systems, staple cranes, fully automatic multi-axis
    crane systems, span up to 50 m
  • Speeds up to 6 m/s, acceleration up to 2 m /s2
  • Control systems, visualisation systems, warehouse management systems, main control level and connection to higher-level systems, interfaces to process machines


The optimum lifting equipment

The lifting and lowering process is of fundamental importance to the safe transport of materials. With special load handling devices (forks, grippers, clamping devices, gripper equipment for cassettes etc.) and slings, large-scale materials, metal coils, rolls of paper and beverage palettes can be picked up and set down again smoothly. Also for special workpieces with special shapes or dimensions, we always find an appropriate solution for lifting purposes.

The engineers at Vollert design the lifting devices to suit the individual requirements of the materials that are to be transported. We develop the technically best lifting solutions, which can include vacuum and magnetic grippers, cassette gripper systems and grippers or hooks. Ultra-modern sensor and barcode scanning systems for identification of loading units are other important features that we offer. We provide you with comprehensive documentation and a conformity declaration for this.

In practice

Automatic crane for coils

Automatic crane for coils

Automatic crane for ingots

Automatic crane for ingots

Sheet metal transport

Extrusion profile transport

Extrusion profile transport

Pipe transport crane

Current projects

Precise heavy-load crane systems for ingots and coils, etc.

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Vollert Anlagenbau develops a 260-ton automatic crane for Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes

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Custom manipulator with three synchronous hoisters lifts aluminium profiles up to 18 metres in length

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