Concrete sleeper
production plants

Concrete sleeper production plants

Nowadays, railways and railway networks are equipped with concrete sleepers. Industrial preproduction and highly automated machine technology is needed to meet the high demand from private industry and the public sector.

Vollert's state-of-the-art mould circulation systems are now the worldwide standard for the manufacture of prestressed concrete sleepers and low-vibration tracks for the railway industry. Whatever the project – monobloc sleepers, bi-block sleepers, late demoulding processes or immediate demoulding processes, from low automation and upgradeable start-up processes through to the world's largest concrete sleeper plants in Mexico, Thailand or Turkey – our experts bring their knowhow to bear.

In practice

Current projects


New type of concrete sleeper for Baku's Metro lines

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Thailand uses railway sleepers made of steel reinforced concrete for large-scale railway projects

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Prestressed concrete sleepers for the American continent

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