Precast concrete parts
in construction

Semi-finished concrete elements for buildings

Double wall

A double wall (also called component wall) is made of two concrete slabs with a thickness of 5–7 cm each that are held together with truss-type reinforcement…

Floor slab

A floor slab (also called plate slab or filigree slab) is a reinforced concrete slab with a minimum thickness of 5–6 cm. Depending on the concrete covering and reinforcement, it can be up to 7 cm thick…

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Double wall with insulated core

Core-insulated double walls have internal insulation between
the concrete slabs. This combination offers a completely new
range of applications…

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Hollow core slab

In case of the biaxial hollow slab, special displacers are introduced in order to reduce concrete consumption, whereas a wide variety of displacers are available on the market…

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Solid concrete elements for buildings

Sandwich wall

Sandwich walls are a special product from the precast concrete component family of facade elements. They are characterised by an insulation layer between both sides of the concrete…

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Facade element

Facade elements are industrially produced solid walls that are characterised by a wide variety of surfaces of high-quality design. The range is enormous…

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Solid wall and slab

Solid elements are made of 10- to 50-cm-thick wall elements that are made of normal or light concrete. The reinforcing that is required for structural reasons is built into the solid walls at the factory, whereby…

Hollow core slab

With hollow-core slabs, special interior spaces are left out, which significantly reduce the dead weight. This makes them unsurpassed economical when it comes to transport and installation…

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Structural precast concrete parts for buildings

Columns and beams

Reinforced concrete columns and beams offer considerable advantages. This solution also offers a large range of options regarding dimensions and component geometry…

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Precast stair

Precast concrete stairs are nowadays an essential feature in state-of-the-art residential and industrial constructions. Construction times are substantially shortened, a consistently high level of exposed concrete quality is guaranteed…

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TT slab

TT concrete slabs are used for high weight loads of 25 kN/m² and more, for example in the case of wide parking structure floors…