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As an innovator and leading technology partner for highly versatile industrial and application solutions, Vollert is engaged in the development of highly economic shunting systems for connecting and secondary railway systems. We combine our passion and expertise with future-oriented ideas to efficiently and reliably structure logistics processes in the areas of cargo loading in refineries, mining operations, ports and cement factories – today and also in future.

Through this you will not merely receive our standard solution. For our customers, we will also develop a tailormade shunting and loading concept according to the track conditions, the type of goods and the necessary traction force.

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Real endurance runners

Experience says otherwise - and yet, here is the fact: The 1,000-meter-long special ropes used in the two shunting systems with standard gauge pusher trucks from Vollert at the Russian refinery Slavneft-Yanos have done their job for 13 years - in spite of almost non-stop use and extreme temperature differences.

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Compact with a smart steering

With the newly developed VLEX road-rail robot, Vollert offers the finest solution for light shunting operation up to 300 tons: Extremely compact and flexible, battery-driven and exhaust-free, the small VLEX is suitable to change tracks fast in a very confined space.

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