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Since the 1950s stationary, cable-bound shunting systems have been in use for the moving of railway wagons and trains. Especially in explosion-proof areas, our systems meet the highest safety and inspection requirements. For this kind of utilization scenario, all mechanical and electrical components are required to have CE marking according to the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.

A double clamping device for the traction and idle cable, as well as an automatic retensioning of the cable, ensure friction-free and economic processes. Individual railway wagons can hereby be precisely positioned on to a scale or loading point, or the complete train can be moved automatically at a low and constant velocity.

Cable traction systems from Vollert represent a compact, rugged and reliable technology. Utilized throughout the world and around-the clock in demanding day-to-day operations in explosion-proof areas, train washing systems as well as in maintenance facilities.

Standard gauge pusher truck

A standard gauge pusher truck is used for preference on terminated tracks, where heavy trains with a total weight of up to 4,000 tons can be moved. As an additional variation, the pusher truck is able to extend laterally enabling unobstructed use of the railway track for transit traffic.




Technical data:

•  Traction forces up to 170 kN

•  Max. pulling load up to 4.000 t

•  Hunting speeds with load 0,4 m/s, without load 1,0 m/s

•  Shunting lengths up to 500 m

•  Installation Position extendable laterally or behind the puffer stop

In practice

Wheel-acting pusher truck

For transit tracks it is advisable to use a shunting system with wheelacting pusher trucks, in order for the track to remain freely accessible when the pusher rollers are retracted. All commonly used loading methods can be implemented, because the pusher rollers can act on any random axle. This enables the realization of flexible and fully automated processes.



Technical data:

•  Traction forces up to 50 (70) kN

•  Max. pulling load up to 1.200 t

•  Hunting speeds with load 0,5 m/s, without load 1,4 m/s

•  Shunting lengths up to 500 m

•  Double pusher rollers for a safe operation

In practice

Small pusher truck/chain coupling

A closed cable hoisting system is continuously routed along the shunting track, whereas the coupling to the train is performed using a sling chain or a coupling rod. 





Technical data:

•  Traction forces up to 30 (50) kN

•  Max. pulling load up to 700 t

•  Hunting speeds with load 0,3 m/s, without load 1,4 m/s

•  Shunting lengths up to 200 m

•  Installation either above oder under ground

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