Maintenance and inspections

Maintenance & inspections

Vollert’s Service Plus maintenance program guarantees that your systems will run reliably for years without any shutdowns – with maximum efficiency and in compliance with all legally applicable safety and testing requirements. Preventive inspections at regular intervals furthermore provide you with a deep insight into the current state of your equipment. Repairs are carried out promptly using OEM spare parts.

Service intervalls and documentation

We will create a maintenance interval schedule for you that includes the preventive replacement of parts subject to wear and tear as well as adjustments, lubrication, and compliance testing. Our plan will give you cost certainty and maximum transparency, while ensuring that you meet the manufacturers’ maintenance requirements. Intelligent remote-maintenance systems furthermore enable us to provide services by data transmission and to connect people and machinery in real time.

We perform preventive plant and UVV (accident prevention) tests to analyze the state of your plant and to identify potential hazards. You will receive an assessment of all components as well as a risk analysis including recommendations for necessary corrective actions or plant component modernization options. Service and inspection reports specifying each safety review provide a complete documentation of all measures taken. 

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