Retrofitting and complete overhaul

Have you placed increasing demands on your machinery over the past years or has its range of application changed? Maintenance costs often soar while plant productivity declines due to outdated technology. Whether you need to replace lifting equipment and drives or upgrade to state-of-the-art automated systems, we will develop a customized solution offering you maximum protection for your investment.

Modernization & upgrading

By taking appropriate measures, we will modernize your machinery to meet the latest technological standards, while at the same time boosting plant productivity and improving workplace safety. Numerous modernization projects demonstrate how investments in cutting-edge machinery or in a higher level of automation serve to optimize processes in the precast concrete industry, in aluminum plants, and port loading terminals.

Retrofit projects

Rector Lesage, Berre L´Etang

In order to produce heavy-duty shuttering systems for solid concrete parts we replaced the gripper for the shuttering robot that was installed in the Rector Lesage precast concrete factory in Berre L'Étang in 2006. The new shuttering gripper works with considerably greater precision. In addition, it is equipped with an innovative x, y, and z axis collision monitor. An additional, newly installed feeder robot handles the shuttering systems after the deshuttering and cleaning process.

voestalpine, Leoben/Donawitz

The new voestalpine coke unloading facility in Leoben/Donawitz, Austria, has revolutionized raw materials logistics at this site. The new unloading station allows 100% of raw materials to be delivered by rail. A key component is a Vollert KR-100 shunting robot that hauls the loaded wagons through the unloading station. This new plant technology will not only serve to save resources and improve efficiency in Donawitz in the future, but will also enhance the status of this facility and the region. 

Mercedes-Benz, Sindelfingen

To retrofit a fully automated high-bay warehouse for Mercedes-Benz in Sindelfingen we replaced twelve specialty stacker cranes, the materials handling and safety equipment, and the control and electric systems. The replacement process took place in four construction phases while car production continued. During each phase three rack aisles were replaced, which included opening up the roof and dismantling and reinstalling the racks. The high-bay warehouse for sheet metal parts serves as a temporary storage facility for load carriers from the press shop. The retrofitted, fully automated system achieves exceptionally high material handling rates per hour.

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