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Heavy-duty intralogistics systems

Modern intralogistics concepts for heavy loads and goods with special requirements need more than efficient material handling and storage systems. It requires a great deal of know-how and a creative approach to be able to meet the particular demands associated with this.

And it’s not just in the aluminium and metal industry that we do this. We also have long-standing relationships with many satisfied customers e.g. in the automotive industry, the building materials industry, the food industry or in shipping ports, to name but a few.

Wherever heavy loads need to be moved economically, Vollert is the right partner and offers solutions which work under pressure in every respect.

In practice

Heavy-duty travelling platform

Tyre testing track

Battery exchange station

Beverage loading crane

Heavy-duty traveling platform

Transformer tilting station

Current projects

Up and away – Continental exchanges 75 meters of test track in a matter of minutes

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E-Mobility for Container Logistics

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Facility for loading 10,000 beverage crates per hour

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