Plant concepts for
wall and slab elements

Automated systems for wall and slab elements

Pallet circulation system

Today, automated circulation systems from Vollert set the technical standard worldwide in the field of modern precast production. Pallet circulation systems with Vollert technology provide cost-effective production processes combined with an optimum degree of automation.…

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Components of the pallet circulation system

State-of-the-art machine technology ensures efficient workflows - from CADCAM-controlled formwork robots, fully automated concrete distributors, innovative turning machines for double wall production, to intelligent loading and unloading technology...

Stationary systems for wall and slab elements

Flipping table

A variation on the production lane is the flipping table. These are used to make a double wall as a supplementary product to a floor slab…

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Long-line bed/formwork table

Long-line beds and formwork tables are suitable for the production of solid walls and slabs. Also for smaller series with a different shuttering work or for a frequent shuttering work…

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Tiliting table

High-performance tilting tables allow the flexible, horizontal manufacture of wall and façade elements and laminary special parts. Hydraulic tilting joints, fixed with the tilting frame and tilting block, set up…

Battery mould

High-performance battery moulds are suitable for the vertical production of single layer, large area wall and slab elements or other large area precast concrete parts with both side mould finish…

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