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Aluminium profiles for e-mobility in highest quality

Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI) is investing in a high-end production line at its Austrian site in Ranshofen. The aim is to produce aluminium profiles of the highest quality for the future topic of e-mobility. With an automatic crane and a fully automated buffer store, the SPS Group and Vollert ensure damage-free material flow between the existing and extended production lines. From planning to commissioning, the intralogistics specialists needed only 12 months.

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Fast cranes for heavy loads

Neuman Aluminum modernized their material flows in the extrusion plant in Marktl, Austria, during the Christmas holidays. At the core is a new automatic crane system by Vollert with 21 interchangeable cycles for loads of up to 3 tons. It replaces two existing transport cranes and is one of the fastest automatic cranes ever used in the extrusion industry.

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Precise heavy-load crane systems for ingots and coils, etc.

Whether hot, sensitive, uneven or weighing several tonnes - the automatic cranes in the new mega-rolling plants of the Zhongwang Group in Tianjin now move slabs and coils securely and around four times as fast as conventional systems. The technology, control and stores management for this has all come from the intralogistics experts Vollert in the south of Germany.

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Vollert Anlagenbau develops a 260-ton automatic crane for Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes

A 260-ton automatic crane is the latest highlight in Vollert's intralogistics programme for heavy-duty applications. Capable of travelling up to 2.7 m/s and featuring a 44-m span width, the crane has a 35-ton payload and will be used to transport heavy objects on site at the customer's steel tube plant in Düsseldorf-Rath. The world's market leader manufacturers steel tubes for applications in oil and gas fields, power plants, and the chemical and petrochemical industry.

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Custom manipulator with three synchronous hoisters lifts aluminium profiles up to 18 metres in length

Schletter GmbH, the largest supplier of solar mounting systems in Europe, has commissioned Vollert Anlagenbau to design a custom manipulator with three hoisters that can work together or separately to lift profiles weighing up to 9 tons with a maximum length of 18 metres. The manipulator will be used in a new buffer warehouse and is extremely compact to ensure optimal utilisation of vertical space.

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Caution, People Hard At Work!

When others are running out of steam, the engineers at Vollert Anlagenbau are just getting into their stride, specialising in intralogistics systems for heavy goods – especially for the metalworking industry. For the aluminium extrusion works of apt Hiller for example, Vollert developed a fully automated intralogistics system which facilitates an end-to-end material flow from the extrusion works to the processing department and then on to the downstream anodising plant and newly constructed shipping warehouse. Major parts of the new system were installed and existing systems modernised and integrated while production was ongoing. As well as a higher handling capacity, the virtual warehouse of the transport control system allows optimum utilisation of the space offered by in-process stores, even with different sizes of transport basket.

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