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For almost 100 years we have been your strong and reliable supplier of systems and machinery. The success of our customers and partners was and is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. However, how life has changed in the last few weeks presents you and us with challenges unknown today. In view of the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic, we are...

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Road-rail Robot VLEX now up to 600 t tensile load

With a new model of the road-rail robot VLEX, Vollert extends its compact solution to shunting operations up to 600 tons. Twice as strong, but only 500 mm larger, the new VLEX 40 is also suitable for fast track changes in confined spaces. A swing axle guarantees permanent ground or rail contact of all four wheels, even on uneven ground. And thanks...

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Indian Starworth Group focuses on exclusive living in the heart of Bangalore

Starworth is one of the fastest growing construction companies in India with 18 residential projects and more than 15 years of expertise. The Provident Park Square construction project in Bangalore is now the first to rely entirely on precast concrete elements as a construction system. From October 2021, the new owners will be offered architecture...

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Cooperation with the Technical University of Kenya: African students learn about modern building systems with precast concrete elements

Modern architecture and new building systems create affordable housing for many people in Africa. At the same time, it will become an important job machine for many countries. To this end, the German concrete plant specialist Vollert is now starting a cooperation with the Technical University of Kenya in Nairobi.

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Gamuda IBS revolutionizes Malaysia's construction industry

Modern precast architecture is rapidly changing the faces of Asia's megacities. Gamuda IBS is currently setting a highlight in system construction in Malaysia. With the Industrialized Building System (IBS), up to 50-story residential buildings will be possible in the future - in only two thirds of the time to date. The Malaysian construction...

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Heavyweights from Vollert start towards Brazil

On the night of Monday, 25 November, two DER 240 shunting locomotives - each weighing around 100 tonnes – hit the road from Weinsberg to South America.