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Industrial pre-production of TERIVA floor beams and slabs in Poland

The Polish building materials manufacturer Uciechowski will in future be producing floor beams and slabs on an industrial scale using the TERIVA building system. Whereas manufacturing was previously purely stationary, it is now based on the latest technology of the concrete plant specialist Vollert. 50 shuttering pallets are transported in the...

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Temporary shunting with the road-rail robot VLEX

At the InnoTrans 2018 Vollert will present the extremely robust road-rail robot VLEX with articulated steering also as a rental model. In addition to permanent use in railway depots and industry, the emission-free, battery-operated and extremely compact VLEX is suitable for temporary use, for example, on construction sites or for peaks during...

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Weld, paint and fit wagons and trailers in one line

The Brazilian manufacturer Randon has built a 500m long combined welding, painting and assembly line for trailers and railway wagons in the state of São Paolo. Vollert has developed a heavy-duty material flow concept consisting of 13 combined rope conveyor drives, two moving distribution transfer platforms and the control system for the...