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Vollert is the leading expert partner for concrete works, construction companies and property developers when it comes to modern precast concrete production. The passion to produce intelligently designed plant and machinery concepts, which are optimally tailored for you, drives us every day.

With this in mind, we advise our customers on the latest precast construction technology in the area of residential and industrial building, and develop turnkey plant solutions. From straightforward start-up concepts through to highly automated multifunctional systems, we should be the first point of contact for your next project.

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Kerkstoel 2000+ produces architectural precast concrete elements for high demands

Kerkstoel 2000+ and Vollert in cooperation with Prilhofer Consulting are currently setting a highlight in the industrial series production of architecturally sophisticated precast concrete parts in Belgium. Various precast concrete elements of the Kerkstoel Group can be found in modern residential and office complexes, but also in shopping centres,...

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Indian Starworth Group focuses on exclusive living in the heart of Bangalore

Starworth is one of the fastest growing construction companies in India with 18 residential projects and more than 15 years of expertise. The Provident Park Square construction project in Bangalore is now the first to rely entirely on precast concrete elements as a construction system. From October 2021, the new owners will be offered architecture...

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Gamuda IBS revolutionizes Malaysia's construction industry

Modern precast architecture is rapidly changing the faces of Asia's megacities. Gamuda IBS is currently setting a highlight in system construction in Malaysia. With the Industrialized Building System (IBS), up to 50-story residential buildings will be possible in the future - in only two thirds of the time to date. The Malaysian construction...

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Automatic, fully hydraulic, efficient: Hungarian Limelog Group expands stationary production of precast concrete parts

Since 2009, the Hungarian Limelog Group has specialised in the transport of high-quality building materials, grain and oversized machines and precast concrete parts inside and outside of Hungary. Since 2011, the company has also been extremely successful in producing reinforced concrete columns and beams. With KOMBISTEP stair formwork and...

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Just-in-time precast floor slabs for the Belgian housing industry

The Belgian building materials specialist Daerden is expanding its capacity in the production of serially prefabricated semi-finished concrete parts. Just-in-time within 24 hours, it will in future be possible to supply its customers in the booming Belgian housing industry with floor slabs. Automated processes and Vollert technology make this...

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Modular bathrooms efficiently and variable produced

Finnish building materials specialist Rakennusbetoni- ja Elementti expands its capacities in production of serially pre-fabricated bathroom modules. High-performance room mould by concrete specialist Vollert ensure high-quality surfaces and watertight room cells. The bathroom installation takes place very quickly, since the electrical and sanitary...

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Uzbek DSK Binokor develops earthquake-proof construction system for more living space

Contemporary architecture defines the cityscape of Tashkent today. Construction boom and the demand for new housing continue unabated. However, Uzbekistan is located within a zone of high seismic activity and thus, earthquake safety is key here. DSK Binokor has recently developed a novel construction system and with it, innovative architecture for...

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The Oschatz concrete plant relies on robot technology

Forms, colours and surfaces become more and more modern; architecture turns increasingly diverse. At the same time, the capacities needed for building projects increase and the cost pressure is rising. The machine technology in precast concrete production must follow this trend. Modernisation is key in the Oschatz concrete plant.

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Industrial pre-production of TERIVA floor beams and slabs in Poland

The Polish building materials manufacturer Uciechowski will in future be producing floor beams and slabs on an industrial scale using the TERIVA building system. Whereas manufacturing was previously purely stationary, it is now based on the latest technology of the concrete plant specialist Vollert. 50 shuttering pallets are transported in the...

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Chinese Baoye Group continues to invest in precast concrete production

The Chinese Baoye Group has built yet another precast concrete plant in Quzhou, 800 km southwest of Shanghai. Baoye will produce double walls and floor slabs of up to 700,000 square meters per year for mega-residential projects. At the heart is the latest plant technology from Vollert, a concrete plant specialist, while the focus is put on China’s...

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Brazilian MARNA Pré-fabricados modernises stair production

The Brazilian MARNA Pré-fabricados Group has continuously concentrated on precast element architecture since 2008. The stair production has now been extensively modernized with a VARIOSTEP stair mould 170-17 from Vollert's special product range.

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bétons feidt creates special architecture in concrete

Precast architecture is modern and different. Numerous building projects worldwide prove that. It now has very little to do with standards and norms. One of the long-standing leaders among the manufacturers of such precast elements is the concrete specialist bétons feidt from Luxembourg. Vollert technology plays a big part in this.

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New agency for the US market

Pathfinder Systems, a new agency for the precast concrete industry, is now in charge of the US market.

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Vollert takes over Nuspl

Nuspl Schalungsbau and Vollert Anlagenbau will pool their expertise much more in the future. Nuspl Schalungsbau GmbH + Co. KG, part of the Vollert Group since 2012, has been fully integrated into the Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH as of October 1, 2017, including the complete range of formwork products. In the near future also customer care, development...

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Delegation from Singapore interested in innovative solutions for the production of room modules

During a fact-finding trip to Germany and the Netherlands, some of Singapore's largest building contractors and precast concrete producers learned about state-of-the-art concrete production for precast room modules. Steffen Schmitt and Hans-Jörg Vollert personally welcomed the delegation in Weinsberg and presented possible approaches. They also...

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Earthquake-proof construction systems on a precast basis significantly change the face of Uzbekistan

The face of Tashkent as the capital of Uzbekistan is subject to constant change. The city with more than 2 million inhabitants has been the political, cultural as well as the economic center of the former Soviet state since the 1990s. New residential buildings are constructed as quickly as modern shopping malls, hospitals and universities – those...

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Highly-lively homes for todays Indian families

Bangalore’s Sobha Ltd. is among the fastest-growing backward integrated property developers in India with more than 360 construction projects completed. In 2015 Sobha set the next milestone in the company‘s history with the installation of the largest onsite precast plant in India in Bangalore with German technology by Vollert. The residential...

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Shanghai Baoye relies on state-of-the-art precast construction technology

Precast construction technology has a long tradition of nearly 60 years in China. The boom was brought to a sudden stop in the 1990s, however, by a lack of state subsidies and components of inferior quality. This has changed today, with state-of-the-art precast architecture, the importance of environmental and resource protection, as well as new...

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Belgian Cordeel Group becomes a key player of the European construction industry

Belgian Cordeel Group is a nationally leading construction company. The general contractor implements diverse building projects, from exclusive apartment facilities to logistics or industrial parks, modern shopping malls, hospitals, schools or infrastructure projects such as bridges. With the new precast concrete plant in Temse, Cordeel has finally...

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BauMax is developing a precast construction system for residential buildings in Chile

A newly developed precast construction system has now conquered Chile. In addition to seismic stability, it offers shorter construction times and higher building quality. Serial production of the new house type has started.

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Twins usually come in pairs: Thai SCG Group invests in modern precast concrete production

Since the 1970s, Thailand has experienced a rapid economic boom. This path was cut in a much shorter period of time than in other countries like Taiwan or South Korea. And in spite of current political instability, the demand for real estate in the cities remains uninterrupted. Furthermore, rural regions are also being increasingly utilised for...

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All in Precast - from idea to turn-key plant concept

At this year's bauma in Munich, which takes place from April 11 through April 17, Vollert will be presenting new plant and machine concepts for stationary and fully automated production of precast concrete elements at booth 206 in hall B1. Taking centre stage are the award-winning and further improved ISO-MATIC 2.0, which cuts insulating...

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Precast concrete elements for Brazil’s construction industry

In future M3SP will produce up to 400,000 m² of solid concrete elements annually for the Brazilian market. One of the most modern precast plants in South America has been built for this in Cotia near São Paulo.

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From the 3D building model to the production-stage precast concrete element: know-how and plant technology for Kazakhstan’s building industry

With an area of 2,724,900 km², Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country in the world. As a developing country with average economic growth of nearly 10 % (since 1999), Kazakhstan excels in central Asia and leaves most other countries in this region far behind. The economic development is also stimulating the building boom. The demand for property in...

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New Caledonia focuses on precast construction

With average temperatures of between 20 and 30 °C as well as fantastic beaches and diving areas, New Caledonia - the French archipelago in the South Pacific, situated 2,000 km east of the Australian coast - is one of the most popular holiday destinations worldwide. The 250,000 inhabitants live predominantly from tourism and the mining industry. The...

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Precast concrete parts for the emerging India

The Indian construction company Precast India Infrastructures Pvt Ltd. has responded to the high demand from the local construction industry for solid walls, solid floors and floor slabs by opening a new production plant. The state-of-the-art pallet circulation system in the city of Pune in Western India is designed for an hourly production...

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